"Ask me to show you poetry in motion and
I will show you a horse" - Ben Johnson

Piccolo Ranch, located on the outskirts of Pula, started out as a riding school and only later expanded into a tourist centre. Michela and Cristian followed in their father Gino’s footsteps and soon became environmental riding guides specialising in equestrian tourism.

During your visit to the Piccolo Ranch you must visit the stables and our well-equipped saddlery. You can book riding lessons with our students. For beginners we offer, included in the cost of the lessons, boots, cap, whip and insurance.

Excursions to the mountains or the sea are only planned for experienced riders who have already mastered the handling of the horse such as controlling the horse, getting on and off the horse and maintaining the same pace as the group.

Our stables are made up of Lilì, Fonni, Forest, Esuberante, Destino, Dalia, Talia and Olga, 8 splendid and docile horses that will accompany you on your discovery of horse riding if you are a beginner, or to refine your English riding technique with the expert care of Michela and Cristian. Step, trot and gallop are the three main gaits of English riding, the most widespread riding style in the world with a very long tradition.

Familiarisation with the world of the horse starts from your arrival at the stable with tasks on the ground such as cleaning the animal, saddling it and leading it to the rope to bring it back to its box. Horse riding is a sport that brings so many benefits to body and mind that it is used as a true therapy in some cases. In addition to agility, muscle tone and body awareness, it improves balance, concentration and self-esteem.

Your visit to the stables will also be enriched by a visit to the stalls of Cicciu, Quondor, Sirio, Rei, Opunzia, Dollaro, Daniele, Lili Black, Stella, Sognador, Pasqualino, Zeus, Granida, Selvaggia and Reno. 

They are our guests, our own horses that live at the Piccolo Ranch with the boarding & paddock service. Their owners chose us because of our professionalism and the love we have for them,

looking after them every day as if they were our own. Included in the accommodation service is the use of the paddock together with our trainees.

Enrolment in the riding courses starts at 6 years of age and the classes consist of a maximum of 10 riders or horsewomen. Riding activities are available all year round, in the morning and afternoon and also at weekends. They are only suspended on Sundays in July and August.

Classes can be attended by parents in the area in front of the paddock where we have set up a comfortable garden in the shade of olive trees and pink and white oleanders.

Each year an event is organised where all members of the club, both children and adults, show their families and friends the progress they have made during the year. It is always an exciting and cheerful day when people come together to celebrate the family atmosphere in the club.

We are also open all year round for pre-schools and primary schools wishing to organise school trips to Pula. We propose days that combine the approach to horseback riding with outdoor dining with playful activities that reveal to the young participants the secrets of knowing how to make cheese or bread.

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